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Foto: Sepp van Dun (LUCID)

Katoen Natie, Blokveld 5

Katoen Natie has recently had three new warehouses built in the Waasland harbour. One of these (Warehouse B) has a free span of 70 m and free height of 12.5 m, making it even ideal for use as an events hall. And that’s exactly what happened when a venue was needed for ‘Vossen’ – a cycle tour through the Waasland region based on the medieval story of Reynard the Fox. The warehouse fitted the bill and was transformed into a genuine ‘fox’s den’ for the occasion. Steel grades S235 and S355 were both used in the construction of the warehouses, with the basic structure of the front part of the ‘events hall’ comprising steel trusses and columns – a challenge in terms of engineering. The rear part is constructed in the traditional manner. The facade shell is made up of 140 mm thick liner trays with an integrated 200 mm thick glass wool insulation plate. The outside of the entire structure is clad in steel plate in the characteristic Katoen Natie ‘mushroom’ colour.

  • Oudedijk 1 Kaai 1998, Kallo-Beveren
  • Katoen Natie, Kallo-Beveren
  • Arcade Groep, Kontich
    Architect / Designer
  • ASK Romein, Malle
    Structural engineering
  • Eveka, Sint-Niklaas
    Control agency
  • ASK Romein, Malle
    General contractor
  • ASK Romein, Malle
    Steel contractor
  • SAB-profiel, Ijsselstein (NL) (leverancier)
    Other steel applications
  • ASK-Romein, SAB-profiel
    Infosteel Members