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Foto: rendering

Prefabrication based on steel frame construction

Golfview is a contemporary residential project in Tielt-Winge with a view of the golf course. The development comprises six semi-detached near energy-neutral houses and its ambitious design was made possible by intelligent prefabrication, a revolutionary construction method in which all steel frame elements are produced entirely off site. At the heart of the project is a factory-built steel skeleton that serves as the foundation for walls, floors and roof. The offsite production of the prefabricated steel frame panels gave rise to average assembly times of 2 days per house, including windows, all exterior finishing and a large part of the interior finishing, and leaving the building services ready for connection. The houses were then fitted with acoustic and thermal insulation, the necessary cladding, a facade finish in stone strips, and windows. As well as the prefabricated steel frame panels, the building services are also supplied prefabricated.

  • Wingerstraat 2, Tielt-Winge
  • HeppiConstruct, Tielt Winge
  • beSteel, Lubbeek
    Architect / Designer
  • beSteel, Lubbeek
    Structural engineering
  • HeppiConstruct, Houwaart
    General contractor
  • beSteel, Lubbeek
    Steel contractor
  • ArcelorMittal, beSteel
    Infosteel Members