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Foto: Marcel van Coilie


This artwork, which extends like a web across the facade of a school, is built around a series of digital ‘blob sculptures’: organic, computer-generated forms that call into question the rigidity and immobility of the architectural construction. The tension between ‘blobs and boxes’ is a common thread running through the artist’s oeuvre and has given rise to a drawing reminiscent of ivy growing organically over the building. The artist wanted to make the facade space more attractive to grab the attention of passers-by and make them curious about what goes on inside. The design was mounted on the facade of the stairwell that was already rendered in green and fitted with mounting points, to which the largely pre-assembled weatherproof Corten steel plate components have been screwed. LED lighting was added to the construction.
  • Bloeistraat 41, Anderlecht
  • Vzw Sint-Goedele en de Brusselse Regering
  • OSK-AR architecten, Dilbeek
    Nick Ervinck (kunstenaar), Lichtervelde
    Architect / Designer