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Foto: Lukas De Groodt

Canopy on a 3D steel truss

The canopy serves as a fixed sunscreen for the offices and, in combination with the vertical louvres that clad the tower, largely eliminates the problem of overheating. With a free span of almost 20 m, the canopy is constructed entirely around a 3D steel frame. This was the best approach both structurally and economically, as well as being the leanest solution. To construct the canopy, L- and T-profiles were bolted or welded together in the workshop to form large sections which were then assembled on site. The entire 3D truss is supported by the round tower, and steel columns were placed in the facade to transfer the forces from the canopy to the floors. Finally, the underside and edges of the canopy were clad in sandwich panels, and an additional thin, flat cladding was fastened to the roof edges to make it blend in with the concrete walls. The top of the 3D truss was finished with steel panels, insulation, waterproofing and a green roof.
  • Fraterstraat 115-117, Merelbeke
  • Santens Logistics, Sint-Amandsberg
  • Hugo Koch Architecten, Gentbrugge
    Architect / Designer
  • Stadsbader nv, Harelbeke
    Structural engineering
  • Stadsbader, Harelbeke
    General contractor
  • Dugardein-De Sutter, Melle
    Steel contractor