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Foto: Philippe Piraux

Covered athletics track for top athletes

The new elite sports hall in Louvain-la-Neuve, which serves not only as training infrastructure but also as a venue for courses and indoor competitions, is 80 m wide and 130 m long and has a floor area of approximately 10,000 m², spanned without internal support columns. The 540 tonne S355 steel supporting structure is made up of 80 m long and 14.6 m high transverse gantries and the outsides of the columns are v-shaped, reducing the number of support points and giving the structure a more ‘architectural’ silhouette. Three-dimensional trusses with a span of 80 m are incorporated in the roof. The roof structure comprises perforated sheet steel, rock wool insulation and a multi-layer waterproofing system. The facade dynamics envisaged by the architects were achieved by means of a secondary structure attached to the main structure that supports a perforated steel sheet on the inside, which in turn bears the acoustic rock wool insulation.
  • Boulevard de Lauzelle, Louvain-la-Neuve
  • SOFINPRO, Louvain-la-Neuve
  • Atelier d'Architecture de Genval / Chabanne Architectes, Genval / Paris (FR)
    Architect / Designer
  • BESP, Bruxelles / SC&D, Thimister-Clermont
    Structural engineering
  • Société Momentanée Duchêne - De Graeve, Strée - Modave
    General contractor
  • Emesa Elaborados Metalicos, A Coruna (ES)
    Steel contractor
  • HD Systems, Petit-Rechain (façades)
    Other steel applications
  • SC&D
    Infosteel Members