Foto: Thierry Mersch (Ateliers Mersch)

Liège tram depot

By 2022, a tram serving 23 stops will be running in Liège. The maintenance centre, washing facility, tram depot and park and ride car park to support this have been realised on the Bressoux site at one end of the route. The 4,200 m² maintenance centre comprises a steel structure weighing around 300 tonnes, with portals supporting walkways and maintenance passages. The 3,900 m² depot is 234 metres long, weighs 150 tonnes and is made up of steel girders resting on a steel column on one side and anchored to the concrete building of the park and ride car park on the other. The washing facility comprises concrete walls topped with steel columns and girders that in turn support the roof plates and glass domes. Steel parapets and walkways complete the picture. Steel was an obvious choice, not only because of its economic and aesthetic properties, but also because it is quick and easy to install.
  • Rue Pré Commun, Liège
  • Tram'Ardent, Liège
  • Bureau d'Architecture Greisch (bag), Herstal
    Architect / Designer
  • Bureau d'études Lemaire (BEL), Liège
    Structural engineering
  • SECO, Bruxelles
    Control agency
  • Tram Liège Construction, Liège / Duchêne, Strée
    General contractor
  • Ateliers Mersch, Thimister
    OTW / Bureau d’études Greisch (beg) / Canevas (Donneur d’ordre)
    Steel contractor
  • Ateliers Mersch, Greisch, SECO
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