Foto: Tim Van de Velde Photography

Guest house with a cinematic touch

The owner of this house works in the film industry and asked us to design an original hotel that his international guests would never forget. He also wanted to create an original setting for film previews and other cultural events. Conceived as a kind of cinematic experience that catapults its occupants from one atmosphere into another, the building’s abstract nature leaves it open to interpretation and serves as an elaborate surprise that breaks with the predictable concept of the traditional hotel room. The guest house has a laminated wood structure and a profiled weatherproof steel cladding that makes the whole structure blend seamlessly into the natural environment around it. It also features a steel spiral staircase, a steel construction around the stairwell and a steel structure for the cantilevered viewing point.
  • Private
  • Private
  • Atelier Vens Vanbelle, Gent
    Architect / Designer
  • UTIL, Brussel
    Structural engineering
  • Stijn Reynvoet, Evergem
    Steel contractor
  • Stijn Reynvoet, Evergem (facades)
    Other steel applications

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