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Foto: Mathias Despriet / Jolien Callens (Beeuwsaert Construct)

Headquarters of ‘100% Light’

There is more to illuminating a space than simply installing light bulbs – over time the design of lighting has developed into an art form in which aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand. 100% Light’s new headquarters – a sleek, modern office building that cuts a striking figure from the ring road around Roeselare – had to emanate the same philosophy. The building is to accommodate a showroom and offices, as well as a workshop with loading docks and facilities for an overhead crane. Modern light fittings are often designed to be as slim as possible and this building is based around the same principles. It was essential to minimise the use of columns in the design of the offices and showroom so a box-in-a-box structure was chosen. This gives the impression that the office is sliding out of the shed. The steel structure, in grades S235JR and S275J0, offers the best solutions for a thin floor and slender supporting elements, and a truss structure was used to create the large span of the shed.
  • Ventweg-Zuid, Roeselare
  • 100% Light, Roeselare
  • Acb epure, Brussel
    Architect / Designer
  • Beeuwsaert Construct, Ledegem
    Structural engineering
  • Bureau Gregoire, Brussel
    Control agency
  • Beeuwsaert Construct, Ledegem
    General contractor
  • BSM, Ledegem
    Steel contractor
  • Beeuwsaert Construct
    Infosteel Members