Foto: Luc Roymans

KASECO – a house within a greenhouse

In Sweden or the Netherlands, no-one would bat an eyelid, but in Belgium a house inside a greenhouse is a bit of an oddity . The greenhouse dwelling is a 170 m2 timber-frame building encased in a 30 x 12.20 m greenhouse with a ridge height of 9 m. It’s a double-skinned house in which the outer skin – the glass greenhouse – forms a microclimate around the house and the office space. The greenhouse is a classic glass-and-steel structure (with single glass for the walls and laminated glass for the roof) that creates a microclimate within it, protecting the house and garden from the wind and weather. Everything is screwed together so the greenhouse can be completely dismantled if necessary. Ultimately, the intention is for the house to be off-grid, i.e. not connected to the public water supply, public sewer system and gas and electricity networks. This is still a work in progress, as the power requirements for the different seasons and conditions have yet to be tested.
  • Private
  • KASECO+ / Vandewalle-Wielfaert, Rekkem
  • KASECO+, Rekkem
    Architect / Designer
  • Buro RR, Kortrijk
    Structural engineering
  • Deforche Construct, Izegem
    Steel contractor

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